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Apple & Fruit Growers

apple ripeYou'll find only Official Apple Hill Grower Members on the site.  Read OUR HISTORY--the Apple and Fruit Farmers banded together over 50 years ago!  Now, not only are there Apple Farm, among the official membership you'll find wineries, berry farms, summer fruit and vegetable farms, Christmas Tree farms, and a spa--51 members in total!  Below is a listing of the Apple Farms.  Use the navigational links above to find information on Apple Hill Growers in your favorite category. 

And remember, "Look for the Sign of Quality".


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Abel's Apple Acres (#38)

pie-icon-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-grower-sm1 icon-pumpkin-sm1 icon-activity-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-dining-sm1icon-recycle-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1

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2345 Carson Road
Placerville, CA
(530) 626-0138
Season: Open Friday, Labor Day weekend.
Hours: Sep 4 - Dec 23, 8:30am - 5:30pm. (exception: Thanksgiving Day, 10am - 12pm. Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 8:30am - 3pm)

Apple Pantry Farm/Hidden Valley Orchard (#37)

pie-icon-sm1 icon-grower-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1

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2310 Hidden Valley Lane
Camino, CA
(530) 318-2834
Season: mid-Sep to mid-Nov
Hours: Open Fri - Sun 10am - 4pm Sep & Nov and Open Wed-Sun in Oct

Apple Ridge Farms (#20)

pie-icon-sm1 icon-grower-sm1 icon-pumpkin-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-activity-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-dining-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1

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1800 Larsen Drive
Camino, CA
(530) 647-0613

Season: Aug 26 - Nov 14

Hours: Open 10am - 5pm Mon-Fri, and 9am - 6pm Sat-Sun 


Argyres Orchard (#22)

icon-grower-sm1 icon-recycle-sm1 icon-upick-sm1




Barsotti Family Juice Company (#30)

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4220 North Canyon Road
Camino, CA
(530) 644-3862

Season: September
Hours: Open Sat & Sun 10am - 4pm You-Pick Apples & Concord Grapes


2239 Hidden Valley Lane
Camino, CA
(530) 622-4629

Season: Year Round
Hours: No Retail:  Wholesale Only

Bavarian Hills Orchard (#11)

pie-icon-sm1 icon-grower-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-dining-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1 icon-wedding-sm1

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3100 North Canyon Road
Camino, CA
(530) 642-2714
Season: Sep - Nov
Hours: Open 11am - 5pm

Bill's Apples/Felice's Dolls (#35)

icon-grower-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-flowers-sm1

2234 Cable Road
Camino, CA
(530) 644-5283
Season:  Sep - Nov
Hours: Open Daily 9am-5pm

Bodhaine Ranch (#68)

pie-icon-sm1 icon-grower-sm1 icon-veggies-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-dining-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1 icon-flowers-sm1 icon-organic-sm1

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2315 Cable Road
Camino, CA
(530) 644-1686

Season: Sep - Nov

Hours: Open Daily 9:30am - 4:30pm

Bolster's Hilltop Ranch (#45)

icon-grower-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-dining-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1 icon-upick-sm1

2000 Larsen Drive
Camino, CA
(530) 644-2230
Season: June - Nov
Hours: Open Daily 9am - 5pm

Cardanini's Pumpkin Patch (#42)

icon-grower-sm1 icon-pumpkin-sm1 icon-activity-sm1 icon-recycle-sm1 icon-upick-sm1 icon-wedding-sm1

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2655 High Hill Road
Placerville, CA
(530) 644-2140
Season: Sep - Oct
Hours: Friday Noon to 4pm; Sat., Sun. 9am - 5pm

Denver Dan's Apple Patch (#14)

pie-icon-sm1 icon-grower-sm1 icon-activity-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-dining-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1 icon-upick-sm1

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4354 Bumble Bee Lane
Camino, CA
(530) 644-6881

Season: Aug 27 - Dec 11
Hours: Open Daily 10am - 5pm

Fudge Factory Farm (#40)

pie-icon-sm1 icon-grower-sm1 icon-activity-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-tree-sm1 icon-dining-sm1 icon-recycle-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1 icon-organic-sm1 icon-upick-sm1

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2860 High Hill Road
Placerville, CA
(530) 644-3492
Season: Sep - Dec

Hours: Daily 9-5, Sept. 1 - Oct., Nov. 10-5, Dec. 10-4. Closing mid-Dec.

Goldbud Farms (#39)

icon-grower-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-recycle-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1

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2501 Carson Road
Placerville, CA
(530) 626-6521
Season: Jul 15 - Dec 15
Hours: Open Daily 10am - 5pm

Goodness Orchard (#48)

icon-grower-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-veggies-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1 icon-organic-sm1 icon-yearround-sm1

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4341 Pony Express Trail
Camino, CA
(530) 644-6448
Hours: Mon - Fri by appointment, Sat 9am-3pm, Sun 12:30-3pm

Goyette's North Canyon Ranch (#21)

icon-grower-sm1 icon-pumpkin-sm1 icon-activity-sm1 icon-tree-sm1 icon-recycle-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1 icon-upick-sm1

3825 North Canyon Road
Camino, CA
(530) 622-9299
Season: Apples Sep 3 - Nov 4
Hours: Weekends 10am to 5pm or by apt





Harris Tree Farm (#84)

pie-icon-sm1 icon-grower-sm1 icon-pumpkin-sm1 icon-activity-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-tree-sm1 icon-dining-sm1 icon-recycle-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1 icon-upick-sm1 icon-wedding-sm1

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2640 Blair Road
Pollock Pines, CA
(530) 644-2194
Season: Thur - Mon, Jun - Aug and Daily Sep - Dec. 24.
Hours: Open Daily 9am - 4:30pm

High Hill Ranch (#1)

pie-icon-sm1 icon-grower-sm1 icon-pumpkin-sm1 icon-activity-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-wine-sm1 icon-dining-sm1 icon-recycle-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1 icon-wedding-sm1

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2901 High Hill Road
Placerville, CA
(530) 644-1973
Season: Aug 27 - Dec 24
Hours: Open Daily 8am - 5pm

Honey Bear Ranch (#24)

pie-icon-sm1 icon-grower-sm1 icon-activity-sm1  icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1  icon-picnic-sm1  icon-wedding-sm1

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2826 Barkley Road
Camino, CA
(530) 644-3934
Season: Apr to Dec
Hours: Open Daily except Tues 9am - 5pm

Kids Inc. (#5)

pie-icon-sm1 icon-grower-sm1 icon-pumpkin-sm1 icon-activity-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-dining-sm1 icon-recycle-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1

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3205 North Canyon Road
Camino, CA
(530) 622-0184 (pie shop)
(530) 306-6565 (owners)
Season: Labor Day Weekend to Dec 1
Hours: Open Daily 9am - 5pm in Oct and F/S/S/M in Sep and Nov

Larsen Apple Barn (#9)

pie-icon-sm1 icon-grower-sm1 icon-pumpkin-sm1 icon-activity-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-dining-sm1 icon-recycle-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1 icon-wedding-sm1

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2461 Larsen Drive
Camino, CA
(530) 644-1415 Barn
Season: Sep 4 - Dec 4
Hours: Daily except Saturday 9am - 5pm
Museum Hours 9am - 5pm

Mill View Ranch (#23)

pie-icon-sm1 icon-grower-sm1 icon-pumpkin-sm1 icon-activity-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-dining-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1

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2740 Cable Road
Camino, CA
(530) 622-6885
Season: Year 'round

Hours: Open Daily 8am-5:30pm

Mother Lode Orchards (#8)

icon-grower-sm1  icon-activity-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1  icon-recycle-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1

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4341 North Canyon Road
Camino, CA
(916) 747-4451
Season: Sep 4 - Dec 13

Hours: Open Weekends 9am - 5pm

O'Halloran's Apple Trail Ranch (#18)

icon-grower-sm1 icon-pumpkin-sm1 icon-activity-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-recycle-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1 icon-flowers-sm1

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2261 Cable Road
Camino, CA
(530) 644-3389
Season: Sep - Dec
Hours: Daily. Call for hours.

Patrick's Mtn. Grown Berry Farm (#16)

icon-grower-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1  icon-upick-sm1

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Patrick's Mountain Grown
4455 Pony Express Trail
Camino, CA
(530) 647-2833
Season: see "visit website" link for availability
Hours: Membership Only

Pine'O'Mine (#41)

icon-grower-sm1 icon-pumpkin-sm1 icon-activity-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-dining-sm1 icon-recycle-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1 icon-upick-sm1

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2620 Carson Road
Placerville, CA
(530) 344-0288

Season: June 11 - Oct 9
 Hours: Open Daily 9am - 5pm

Rainbow Orchards (#10)

pie-icon-sm1 icon-grower-sm1 icon-pumpkin-sm1 icon-activity-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-veggies-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-dining-sm1 icon-recycle-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1 icon-wedding-sm1

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2569 Larsen Drive
Camino, CA
(530) 644-1594
Season: Sep - Dec
Hours: Open Daily 9am - 5pm Sep 12 - Nov 27 and Weekends Sep 3-11 and Weekends Dec 3-11

Smokey Ridge Farmstand (#133)

pie-icon-sm1 icon-grower-sm1 icon-pumpkin-sm1 icon-activity-sm1 icon-berries-sm1 icon-veggies-sm1 icon-credit-sm1 icon-shopping-sm1 icon-recycle-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1 icon-upick-sm1

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2160 Carson Road
Placerville, CA
(530) 626-5078
Season: Year round Wine Tasting

Hours: Open Fri - Sat  11am-5pm



Windmiller Farm (#44)

icon-grower-sm1 icon-pumpkin-sm1 icon-picnic-sm1 icon-upick-sm1

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2453 Carson Road
Camino, CA

Season:  Sep 3 - Nov 6

Hours: Open Fri - Sat 10am - 5pm

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